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56th International Competition of Choral Singing 2019
Castle of Porcia
Spittal an der Drau – Carinthia – Austria

To all friends of Choral Music!
We would hereby like to cordially invite you to the 56 th international choral competition in Spittal an der Drau 2019.

Since 1964 numerous reputable choirs from all over the world have successfully taken part in our International Competition. Therefore, we feel confident that your choir would also be interested in participating in this special event and would be delighted to welcome you here.

Organizations signing responsible for the event:
• The Regional Government of Carinthia
• The Austrian Broadcasting Corporation · Studio Carinthia
• The Cultural Department of the Municipality of Spittal an der Drau
• The Singkreis Porcia, Spittal an der Drau

Organizers of the competition:
•The Cultural Department of the Municipality of Spittal an der Drau,
9800 Spittal an der Drau, Burgplatz 1
Tel.: +43  47 62 56 50 223



• The "Singkreis Porcia" Spittal an der Drau

• For questions regarding music:
Bernhard Wolfsgruber

Time and venue:
July 4 th
 to July 7 th  2019
Porcia Castle, Spittal an der Drau, Carinthia, Austria

Category A:   Choral works, classical and modern (with Günther-Mittergradnegger-Award)
Category B:   Folksong

Thursday, July 4 th    

8.30 PM:   Opening concert given by the "Singkreis Porcia"

Friday, July 5 th   

9:00 AM:   Photo session for all conductors in the courtyard of castle Porcia
9:15 AM:  Conductors’ conference in the "Porciazimmer" (Castle Porcia, 1 st floor)  
From 10:15 AM: Blocking rehearsal in the castle and the city hall, Lutherstraße (according to schedule)
7.00 PM:   Competition in category B   (Folksong)

Saturday, July 6 th    

9.30 AM:   Competition in category A at Stadtsaal  (Obligatory choral works)
7.00 PM:   Competition in category A   (Choral works)

Sunday, July 7 th    
From 9 AM:   Singing in masses in the surrounding towns (participation optional)
11.00 AM:     Informal singing in Millstatt (in traditional clothing)
7.00 PM:     Awarding of prizes and winners’ concert
From 9:30 PM:   Closing festivity for all participants in city hall

The participation in all afore mentioned events is obligatory.

Prizes to be won:
Category A (Choral works):   

1st Euro   1,500.–
2nd Euro  900.–
3rd Euro   600.–
Günther-Mittergradnegger-Award for the best interpretation of a contemporary piece -  Euro  1,000.-

Category B (Folksong):   

1st Euro   1,000.–
2nd Euro  700.–
3rd Euro   500.–

People’s Choice award
The audience of each evening competition has the chance to vote for their favorite choir with their tickets. The winner will get a prize.

Prizes will be awarded by a jury of international experts, whose decisions are beyond dispute.


Travel expenses:
Travel expenses to and from Spittal an der Drau have to be covered by the choir.
Additional costs for transportation in Spittal, which are not arranged prior to the event, must also be paid for by the choir.

Accommodation and food:
Room and board will be covered by the competition starting Thursday, 4 th  of July (supper) until Monday, 8 th  of July 2019 (breakfast).
Participants will be accommodated in hotels, boarding-houses, hostels and private rooms. Accommodation will be provided in multi-bed rooms, as for single rooms can only be supplied for conductors and bus drivers.

An extension to your stay in Spittal an der Drau at your own expense can be arranged if announced in advance.

Free room and board will be supplied for:

  • the conductor

  • the singers (45 persons max.)

  • accompanying people like choir officials, chaperons and interpreters (3 persons max.)

  • one or two bus drivers

It is advisable that your choir is accompanied by a German or English-speaking person.

The choirs will be personally assisted by members of the "Singkreis Porcia" during the entire competition.

Please send in your application for the competition no later than January 31 st  2019. (arrival at Kulturamt)
Fill in the attached form with a computer.
Please include the following with the entry form:

a short outline of your choir’s origin and activities (please use the attached form

a recent, digital, high resolution picture of the choir. (Transfer of the unconditional legal right of use to the competition)
Address your entry to:

Stadtgemeinde Spittal an der Drau
Burgplatz 1
A-9800 Spittal an der Drau


The competition is intended for mixed choirs.
The choir must not have more than 45 singers, but must have 16 singers at a minimum.
Choir members must be amateurs, except for the conductor.
The choirs have to take part in both categories (A and B).
The final selection for the participation of the registered choirs will be made by a jury.


The choir will have to sing 3 obligatory works and an additional program of its own choice which may not exceed 10 minutes in duration. The program of your own choice may contain a demanding jazz or pop-arrangement.

The obligatory choral works in the contest 2019 will be:
Leonhard Lechner (1553 - 1606) - O Lieb, wie süß und bitterüß_und_bitter.pdf
Edward Elgar (1857 - 1934) - They are at rest
Frode Fjellheim (*1959) – Auftragskompostition

The sheet music will be sent to you along with the letter of acceptance (in February 2019). The afore mentioned editions of the compulsory pieces are obligatory.

The choir will have to sing a cappella. No piano accompaniment is allowed.

The jury’s judgment, briefly announced in public immediately after the contest, will include the following aspects: intonation, choral sound in general, dynamic flexibility, rhythm and stylistic sense.

Additionally, the „Günther-Mittergradnegger-Award" will be given for the best interpretation of a contemporary work.


You are invited to choose a program of 3 or 4 folksongs characteristic of your own country (10 min. maximum duration). One of them may be performed in a small group (minimum 4 singers).

programThe pieces should be traditional folk arrangements that show the musical qualities of the choir as well as the cultural specialties of your country. The songs may also be sung in unison.
Complex arrangements of folksongs should only take up a small part of your program.

Your program must be sung and conducted by heart.

The songs may be accompanied by traditional folk instruments excluding the piano.

The jury’s judgment, briefly announced in public immediately after the contest, will include following aspects: intonation, choral sound in general, dynamic flexibility, rhythm and stylistic sense.

Traditional costumes would be greatly appreciated!
Fee to cover the costs: If you are accepted to the competition you are required to pay a small fee of € 100.- by the 1 st of March 2019 to cover the costs of the sheet music, the commissioned work, etc. The bank information will be included in the letter of acceptance. If you should withdraw from the competition later on, this amount will be withheld.
All choirs must prepare one additional piece in each category for the concert of the victors on Sunday.
For the open singing in Millstatt (Sunday starting at 11 AM) the choirs are asked to sing songs that display a "light" character. It would be greatly appreciated if the program for Millstatt was not part of the program for the competition in category B.

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